Exhibition Information
 Shanghai International Advertising Festival(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int'l AD & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int'l Lighting Expo(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int’l Digital Print Expo(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int’l Digital Display Tech & Equipment Exhibition(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int'l Digital Textile Printing Expo(2020.7)
 Shanghai Int'l Digital Signage System & Application Exhibition(2020.7)
 Ppi Corrugated & Folding Carton Digital Print Shanghai(2020.7)
 Shenzhen Spex Expo (2020.9)
 China (Shenyang) International Advertising Festival(2020.4)
 Chengdu Int'l Advertising Festival(2020.5)
 The 32th Jinan International AD Exhibition Spring (2020.5.28-30)
 Beijing Sign Show 2020(2020.6)
 Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo (2020.7)
 Shanghai International Wall Materials Technology Expo (2020.7)
 APPPEXPO Thailand 2020 (2020.11)
 Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo (2020.11)
 Shanghai International Cultural Device Expo (2020.12)
 Beijing Int'l Graphic & Express Printing & Packing Expo (2020.6)
Company News 更多
 Best Wishes In New Year!  2/19
 Three Exhibitions Sponsored By MIE Won the Golden Finger Award 2/13
 MIE Won the "Best Team Prize" for Shanghai World Expo Enterprise Pavilions Gener.. 1/9
 Tenth Anniversary of World Expo Group 11/19
 Expo Theme Pavilion construction begins 11/13
 Mr. Zhangdingguo was named guest professor of Shanghai University of Engineering.. 11/6
Exhibition News 更多
 The 16th Shanghai Int'l AD,Print,Pack,Paper Expo and 2008 Shanghai Int'l Printin.. 7/2
 Tour Exhibition Stops in Guangzhou 12/7
 'Glamorous Shanghai' promo kicks off in Brussels, Paris 11/28
 Chinese culture in center stage of Paris 11/28
 Online Expo a hot topic 11/22
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